Friday, 5 July 2013

Things I Miss About Travel: A Very Indefinitive List

Not cooking unless I wanted to
Drinking horchata with ice cream
Falling in love, constantly, with everything
Learning new words
Not knowing where I would spend the night
Laughing at how stupid what I'm doing is
Thinking that people who spend years travelling are normal
Listening to 80s music on old school buses
Being a stranger (and all the questions that came with it)
Speaking to strangers (and all the answers and even more questions that came with it)
Not having a plan
Not feeling like I should have a plan
Being in places I'd seen photos of
Seeing petrified waterfalls (well, one)
Not going home when I was meant to
Meeting people who do what they love
Replacing "goodbye" with "until the next time"
Getting perspective on how much I have
Moments of kindness from strangers
Huge acts of kindness from strangers 
No one caring if I only have 3 tops
Not having a mirror
Trying to get to know someone from scratch
Sharing who I am with people I barely know
Change: constant and unstoppable
Learning what I can do when things don't work out
Reading about travel whilst doing it
Rarely having to be anywhere "on time"
Spending all day in a hammock
Spending all day walking around a new city
Spending all day in the sea (or on top of it)
Being slightly less pale
Pinching myself and thinking: I'm so lucky to be where I am right now
Not thinking in pounds or dollars or euros but a currency I'd never heard of before
Waking up for sunrise
Watching the world through a bus window
Celebrating Christmas in the jungle
Riding on the top of buses
Trying to understand what the hell is happening around me
People wearing tops with English slogans they don't understand
Getting wolf whistled (it gives me an excuse to get self righteous)
Following other people's crazy whims
Following my own crazy whims
Surrendering to the unexpected, the inconvenient and the irreplaceable 
Being in the moment

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