Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Vain Traveller: Clothes

One too many bottom-of-the-rucksack-outfits has led me to rethink my packing. Unlike my last trip, this time I am not going to delve into the hostel's bin to retrieve a pair of some stranger's shorts which turn out to be far too big and have a broken zip (but which I wear anyway).

It's time to review some of the highs and lows of my travel wardrobe.

Blending In

1) Without a doubt, sunglasses at night is always a good idea.

This formed part of an incognito disguise where me and an American friend assumed fake identities. We were very convincingly French until entering a bar we got out our IDs. Ah well, it avoided any more Americans insisting that in their culture they kiss strangers on the lips.

2) The short skirt however, is always a risk. In Portland, Oregan, (a supposedly liberal and forward thinking city) a man started shouting at me as I waited for a bus. He told me that he knew my dad was a policeman and I could tell him that he (the shouting man) wasn't going to sleep with me, so he (my dad the policeman) should stop sending crack whores (me) to come and see him.

3) Don't even joke about being rich. (I once did that in Paris and my sarcasm went right over their heads as my purse went right out of my bag).

Adding Style

1) Every traveller needs appropriate headgear. I mean, with all that wearing the same clothes business, you need something to jazz it up. Plus pants give you special powers.

One of the best moves I made here was accidently  buying a fur hat back when I was a vegetarian. It was so warm and soft.

2) Never forget to pack a razor. Unless you want someone to confuse I need to shave with I need a shower and offer to take one with you. Which I might have taken up, if I hadn't been so long without a razor.

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